For the government

Rikx is an instrument that offers an opportunity for the fulfilment of part of the SROI obligation, and specifically that part where municipalities and employers often struggle to fulfil it in a meaningful way.

In addition, the Rikx is also a smart tool with which an independent team of experts measures impact and converts it into a financial value. All participating projects are assessed and guaranteed to make an impact. And we are talking about positive impact for people, in the long term.

Would you like to participate in your city?

RIKX is a system innovation, based on economic theory and the principles of supply and demand in market systems. This means that if it works in Rotterdam, it can potentially work anywhere in the world. Rikx has started as a pilot in Rotterdam, but discussions are already taking place for the rollout to other cities. Are you interested in participating in Rikx within your city? Please contact us!

Projects with impact