CurrentWerkt: Sustainable reintegration and digital empowerment

Current is more than just an employment agency; it combines commercial interests with social ideals. Our unique 'one-stop principle' is aimed at promoting sustainable reintegration of ex-offenders and striving to be the most effective reintegration agency that reduces recidivism.

Through this approach, we not only contribute to the personal growth of ex-prisoners, but also significantly reduce benefit and recidivism costs. We are proud of our achievements: in the first half of 2022, we have already successfully and sustainably placed 107 candidates!

  • Number of participants: 25

  • Participants: Rotterdam residents with a distance to the labour market

  • Method: coaching; paid work

  • Sector: craftsmanship

Project description

CurrentWerkt: Sustainable reintegration and digital empowerment

CurrentWerkt has set up a unique project to approach and guide people as young as 18 in their reintegration process. Through collaborations with P.I.'s, Probation, Municipalities and MBO training courses, we identify potential participants for the Current trajectory.

How does it work and what is the goal?

At the start of the programme, participants are assigned to a coach, who is himself an expert by experience and understands what barriers there may be. Besides coaching, we also offer education and training. In the initial phase, candidates are placed in a large shed where they can work on their employment skills. Once they are ready to start working, we introduce them to potential employers from our network. This way, employers can not only fill vacancies but also fulfil their SROI obligations.

To further support candidates in their reintegration, we plan to offer digital skills training. Many of our candidates experience resistance to digital processes that are essential in our society today. Therefore, we want to offer them basic training to help them understand and navigate digital counters and other online tools. This approach improves self-esteem and leads to measurable changes in areas such as health, workforce skills, labour market, finance and well-being.

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