40 people into paid employment

The project consists of two sub-projects of 6 months each. These 6 months is an average of an average large construction project (office interior 2000 m2, or house complete renovation 210m2). In this project we will train approximately 40 people with a distance to the labor market. These are people with Unemployment Benefit, new Dutch citizens and all other people who have dropped out of the work process and benefit from a human way of recovering.

By working on a real project with a client, candidates get a good picture of working in the construction industry and its force fields of different interests. There are many different activities and as a construction site helper you pick up everything. The supervision of the instructor 1 on 1 is a USP of Bouwerswerkplaats. Just like working for a client is also a USP.

Project description

The Bouwerswerkplaats trains people in at least two months as building site helpers and helps them on their way to a paid job. Next to the Bouwerswerkplaats is the Wij Zijn Rotterdam foundation.

We work on real construction projects for a real client. The teacher supervises 6 to 8 students and helps them to learn construction skills one on one. In this way it soon becomes clear where the qualities of the students lie and what the preferences of the student are. Once someone is steady and has shown the ability to work we match them to an employer.

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