Strong together: support for pupils and mothers in Delfshaven

Team Future consists of a large group of mothers from the Delfshaven district, who together, day in day out, ensure that together with the primary schools and neighbourhood partners, no child is left out of sight and we ensure, family by family, that poverty leaves out of the neighbourhood and all the talent in the neighbourhood flourishes.

  • Number of participants: 50
  • Participants: mothers and families in Rotterdam neighbourhoods
  • Method: guidance; paid work
  • Sector: education; health care

Project description

Strengthening for talent: building a future in Delfshaven

Currently, Team Future is already working at 8 of the 24 primary schools in Delfshaven. Many other schools would like to join, but unfortunately the necessary funding for Team Future is lacking. By participating in Rikx, if we obtain sufficient funding, we can start at a new primary school with the help of a mother from the neighbourhood.

How do we work?

Together with the primary school, we select children who cannot currently show their talents sufficiently. We provide support to these children and their families for 2 years. The unique aspect is our selection method, which no other social intervention applies. Together with the school, we review the list of children (according to AVG guidelines) and only start with the children who need it. This way, we do not lose sight of any child.

Together with the schools, we select the pupils who need the most support. We guide them through a child coaching programme for 2 years, make sure they join an after-school club and encourage the development of their talents and social capital.

What is the goal?

Our aim is to support the family until they are back in their own power: parents in work and children developing positively at school and after-school.

We also offer support to parents. With this form of informal care, we build a bridge between all available support and arrangements on the one hand, and the target group that needs it on the other. We also build a social infrastructure in the neighbourhood, in which looking after each other becomes the norm again. Because if we care and share, there is enough for every family in our neighbourhood.

In addition, we can help a mother from the neighbourhood turn her voluntary work into a paid job. This is a great step in empowering individuals within the community and creating sustainable opportunities.

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