Back cover: Football, work and new perspective

At Stichting Schouders Eronder, we are ready to support people on their way to a better future. Our aim is to stimulate and develop talents through various projects.

At Schouders Eronder, we believe that everyone has talents worth discovering and developing. Together, we take steps forward so that people can grow, develop themselves and make a positive contribution to society.

  • Number of participants: 24
  • Participants: young people without starting qualifications
  • Method: education; certificates
  • Sector: security; service

Project description

Back cover: Football, work and new perspective

Rugdekking is a work-study programme that offers young people without jobs or education the chance for a new perspective, using the appeal of football clubs. We help them break free from negative street influences and increase their chances of getting a job or an education.

How do we do that?

Over 12 intensive weeks, we offer participants a programme in groups (10-15 people) on the premises of a football club. They are trained as stewards, facility or catering staff, including recognised certificates such as BHV and Traffic Controller. They also attend workshops and work on various competences. During the club's (home) matches, participants do traineeships as stewards or traffic controllers.

What is the goal?

Back cover is a proven formula. After successful pilots in 2014 and 2015 at Sparta Rotterdam in cooperation with the Involved Spartan, we have made great strides. Currently, more than 250 young people have completed the (security) course at ADO Den Haag, Excelsior Rotterdam, FC Dordrecht, NAC Breda and Sparta Rotterdam.

75% of them have gone on to jobs in security with various certificates, including BHV, or have followed a targeted further education. Many are still active as official UEFA Steward or traffic controller. About 75% of participants find work or go back to school for further training. They have become more self-reliant, have more structure, self-confidence and work experience. This allows them to make a positive contribution to society.

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