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Puik Werkt BV, a subsidiary of Ondernemershuis op Zuid, trains young people with a disadvantage on the labour market on the job to become professionals in wood or metal. We do this by taking on all kinds of work in wood or metal (e.g. ship renovation, house renovation and furniture making and renovation). Our very experienced older craftsmen transfer their knowledge to a new generation of carpenters and ironworkers in a master-apprentice method. The young people often have multiple problems, and Puik Werkt offers them structure, supervision and an income.  

Project description

Puik Werkt wants to expand into the shipbuilding of pleasure boats. In shipbuilding, carpentry and ironwork come together in an intensive, multidisciplinary manner. Each project and each vessel is customised, so the trainee craftsman is continually challenged to develop further. Puik Werkt thus produces all-round craftsmen with a wide range of applications. The ship hulls purchased by Puik Werkt are de facto shipwrecks of classic ships that are particularly labour-intensive to refurbish. Puik Werkt has the combination of expertise and employees to make this a success.
For the refurbishment of the ship hulls we are looking for funding through the Rikx platform. The investment will pay for the labor hours, deployment of equipment and materials. Upon completion, the classic pleasure craft is sold as the basis for the next refurbishment project. Puik Werkt aims to develop the shipyard into a fleet of 10 ship hulls-in-construction, in various stages of completion, providing work for both novice and advanced craftsmen-in-training.

Social impact objective:
To fully refurbish the 2nd ship's hull, we expect to need a minimum of 6 months. During the first 6 months we expect to be able to provide 4-6 youth with full-time employment contracts.

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1681 Rikx

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