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With The Swapshop Academy we coach and mentor 2 of our former social trainees to become independent entrepreneurs as franchisees of The Swapshop. In addition, we contribute to the personal development of Rotterdammers and let them move on to a paid suitable job. We focus mainly on increasing their self-efficiency; the feeling that they can make an impact on their own lives. This has many positive effects on the rest of their lives.

Project description:
The project consists of a 12-month program for 2 former social trainees and 2 6-month programs for Rotterdammers on welfare.
We offer our 2 former social trainees (now employees) a year-long intensive coaching program. During this year they will work under supervision as pilot franchisees. Once a week they will work with a personal coach on their personal development goals. In this way, they can further develop themselves within the safe environment of The Swapshop. It gives them financial independence, a sense of empowerment, more personal effectiveness, contributes to their overall well-being and happiness and their mental health.
In addition, we offer 8 Rotterdammers on welfare 6 months of work and training. They work 16-20 hours per week in the pilot franchise stores while maintaining their social security benefits for a compensation of €150 per month. These are people who would like to (re)enter the labor market, but experience barriers or difficulties. Think of young people who have become unemployed because of the corona crisis or who cannot find a suitable job after completing their education.  This target group often has insufficient skills and work experience or little effective search behavior. Think also of millennials who are recovering from a burn-out or newcomers on the Dutch labor market. In cooperation with experienced partners we offer a number of 6-week training courses, including: 'Hospitality, how to find and retain your customers' and 'Visual merchandising, the design of a store'. After these 6 months we guide them to a paid suitable job.

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