👏 Bloomberg Philanthropies visit to Rikx

🏆 In 2021, Rikx won the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2021-2022 Global Mayors Challenge along with 14 other global cities. The $1 million prize is designed to help Rikx grow and professionalise over three years. In addition to weekly support from the Bloomberg Philanthropies team, a delegation from Bloomberg periodically visits Rotterdam. The recent visit took place on 31st of May and 1st of June.

✅ Michiel van Keulen opened the first day with a presentation on the development of the regional economy towards an impact economy, emphasising that movement and experimentation are necessary to reap benefits. Maarten Broekema then introduced Rikx's role within this framework, highlighting the result (impact) of last round 1 and 2 of Rikx.

🔥 Later that day, the delegation visited mayor Aboutaleb and alderman Tim Versnel, among others, at City Hall. The mayor indicated that he is keen to help people in Rotterdam who experience barriers to full participation in society, and that innovations like Rikx make an important contribution to this. He warmly recommends the Rikx tool to other cities and municipalities engaged in impact investing. The councillor stressed the need to participate in the impact economy and to embrace Rikx's approach.

🤩 In addition, the program included visits to successful entrepreneurs who have previously participated in or are currently involved in Rikx. These various working visits brought out the perspective of the entrepreneurs. The delegation was very interested in the impact projects participating in Rikx and the municipality's involvement in this topic. After all, the award was won by mayor Aboutaleb, while day-to-day implementation is in the hands of the Rikx Foundation.

🙌 In short, the Bloomberg delegation met with all stakeholders in the Rotterdam chain involved with Rikx and generating positive social impact. The delegation was impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of everyone they met, and proud of the strides Rikx is making.

Thanks to Gemeente Rotterdam, Tim Versnel, Rodney van den Hengel, Heilige Boontjes , CurrentWerkt, Hilal Makhoukhi, Lunch Bunch NL, Stijn van Leeuwen, Puik Werkt, Lodi van Brussel, Maarten Broekema, Cristina Cacciato, Cathy Watts, Marcela Delgado, Thiago Miquel Lamelo, organisers Claudia Vásquez Quiroz and Michiel van Keulen and team Rikx Wouter Vos Precilla Schrier Titiaan Zwart Nina te Velde