Rikx Rotterdam selected as Champion City for the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge

Rikx is going global 🌍. The mayor of "Rikx city" Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, submitted Rikx for the Bloomberg Cities Global Mayors Challenge – and we were selected as one of 5️⃣0️⃣ Champion Cities!

631 cities from around the world submitted their applications and, from those, the 50 most innovative urban solutions to emerge in the wake of COVID-19 were selected for the next round. From the 50 Champion Cities, 15 will win $1 million each—to help implement their breakthrough ideas and, ultimately, to spread their ideas to other cities around the world.

We are so excited about the prospect of scaling up and bringing the Rikx platform for social entrepreneurship to other cities around the world! 🚀

Read the excerpt on the Bloomberg Philanthropies website, or below:

"Unemployment in Rotterdam is double the national average and rising, but public budgets have been stressed by the pandemic, limiting funding for employment programs. Rotterdam proposes to incentivize private-sector engagement in employment initiatives by introducing digital tokens that monetize social impact generated by entrepreneurs, NGOs, and other private stakeholders—similar to the carbon market.

Rotterdam’s idea has strong potential because it builds upon past prototyping efforts and takes private-sector engagement in social problem-solving to the next level through a new marketplace that can quickly scale."

So there's that. We will be posting regular updates about our journey as a Global Mayors Challenge Champion City – stay tuned.

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