🎉 Good news! Also the Beroepentuin and the Bouwerswerkplaats reach the minimum required amount in Rikx, so the projects can start!

🤝 Stichting Rikx would like to congratulate the team of De Beroepentuin and the team of Bouwerswerkplaats Wij Zijn Rotterdam and thank all impact investors who have financially supported the projects. Through their investments, a positive and guaranteed impact can be made in Rotterdam!

🌏 Through this project, De Beroepentuin is committed to providing 10 candidates with a significant distance from the labour market with valuable training at MBO 1 level, with the aim of increasing their chances of gainful employment or further study at MBO level 2. The candidates are diverse groups with multi issues, including ex-prisoners, status holders and long-term welfare recipients. After successfully completing the programme, the candidates are ready to take the next step towards a promising career in energy transition and related professions.

💌 Reaction Henk van der Beek, general director De Beroepentuin: "We are super happy that, for the 2nd year in a row, De Beroepentuin has succeeded in almost fully marketing its RIKX. With this, we achieve that at least 10 candidates distanced from the labour market are helped to get a paid job or start an MBO training. We will start right after the autumn holidays and expect to have reached our target by the beginning of Q2. Like last year, it will certainly not stop at those 10, we promise you."

👷‍♂️ Within the Bouwerswerkplaats of the Wij Zijn Rotterdam Foundation, training opportunities in the construction sector are offered to people distanced from the labour market. Here, they get the chance to undergo vocational training and develop their skills. The Bouwerswerkplaats aims to increase participants' chances of sustainable employment and strengthen their involvement in society. The 24 participants receive training, gain work experience and are employable on construction projects. They finish the programme with a certificate, which gives them more opportunities in the labour market.

📢 Reaction Lisette Magis, initiator and director/administrator of Stichting Wij Zijn Rotterdam: "We are happy with the Rikx contribution because we can now continue to make social real estate in the Rijnmond region more energy and socially sustainable. The Bouwerswerkplaats carries out renovations and insulation and we do this with people from Rotterdam who need an extra helping hand to find a paid job in construction. We work with Rotterdam unknown talents and for Rotterdam social parties."

🚨 Whether you want to fulfil your social return task, express your CSR ambition or make your social contribution to the city: the Rikx website features many more great projects by impact makers eager to get started. Check out the projects here:

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📸 by Michelle Urbiztondo, in the picture a participant of De Beroepentuin