πŸ’₯JINC Rotterdam Rijnmond reaches the threshold as the first impact maker of Rikx round 3 and can start!

🀝 Stichting Rikx would like to congratulate the JINC team and thank all the impact investors who supported this project financially. Through their investments, a positive and guaranteed impact can be made in Rotterdam!

πŸ† The MBO Career Coach project was set up by JINC to support MBO students in completing their education and in the transition from education to work. The coaches will assist young people on the MBO Nursing course from September 2024 onwards, acting as the voice of the shop floor.

🎯 Reaction Asmae Allaoui, project leader JINC Rotterdam: "We are extremely happy with the financial support from Rikx! We look forward to starting the Career Coach program at MBO education in September 2024. With this contribution, together we are creating the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these young people by supporting them in the transition from education to work."

πŸš€ Whether you want to fulfil your social return task, express your CSR ambition or make your social contribution to the city: the Rikx website features many more great projects by impact makers eager to get started. View the projects here:

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