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Make even more impact with Rikx

Rikx supports impact makers committed to a strong, social city where everyone can participate. Who see talent and help it grow. Who remove barriers and make room for the next step. Who dedicate themselves to a Rotterdam where everyone is part of it.

Rikx helps impact makers grow by connecting them to involved companies. On our online platform, you can invest in today's most impactful entrepreneurs. In fact, Rikx has developed a methodology that measures the impact of these companies. This allows us to properly assess how much impact an entrepreneur can make with an investment.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make more impact in the lives of Rotterdammers? Then contact us now!

I am a social entrepreneur with a plan, what should I do?

If interested, send an email to so we can keep you informed of developments. When opening a new round, it is possible to submit a project plan via a form. This form formulates the requirements the project plan must meet. After a certain period, the form will close and the expert team will start working on the valuation of the projects. Read more about this in one of the other FAQs.

After the scoring, it will be announced which impact makers will be allowed to join the round and thus which projects will be placed on the Rikx platform. Team Rikx will provide the necessary support and contact during the round. Commitment is also expected from impact makers during the course of the round in which a participant participates, in order to raise awareness for Rikx and for themselves. This includes preparing, receiving and guiding a photographer on location (facilitated by Rikx); actively thinking along and participating in approaching potential impact investors; providing visual and text material about the project; and other efforts to be determined. Read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions.

If the project's threshold is reached during the course of the round, the money is paid out and the project can start. There is also close contact with team Rikx about this.