For impact investors

Make an impact with Rikx

Rotterdam is growing fast but also faces major challenges. There are unfortunately still people hampered by unemployment, poverty and loneliness. Fortunately, there are also many committed impact entrepreneurs working hard to give these people a dignified place in society. Who see talent and help it grow. Who remove barriers and make room for the next step. Who are committed to a Rotterdam where everyone is part of it. To really make a difference, these entrepreneurs need to be able to grow. And that requires funding.

How does it work?

Rikx helps these impact makers grow by linking them to committed companies. Through our online platform, you get the chance to invest in today's most impactful entrepreneurs. In fact, Rikx has developed a methodology that measures the impact of these companies. This way, as an impact investor, you know that your contribution will go to the right place! So whether you want to fulfil your social return task, propagate your CSR ambition or make your social contribution to the city: with Rikx you are guaranteed to make an impact on the lives of your fellow citizens!

Take a look at the projects page and invest in the impact maker that suits you! For questions, please contact us. 

Making an investment, what does this process look like?

In the project overview, select a project of your choice and click on "Invest Rikx". In the new screen, you can indicate how much Rikx you want to invest in the project and leave some details. Team Rikx receives this investment request and sends a confirmation asking you to agree to the general terms and conditions and fill in the company details via a form. Based on this data, a receipt is sent to the investor. Once we receive the amount, we prepare a certificate as proof of payment and send it electronically.

I have a social return assignment, how does this work with Rikx?

Have you been awarded a contract by a municipality in the Rijnmond region? If so, the municipality will ask you to make an effort to help vulnerable groups in the city or region. We call this a social return (SR) agreement. The purpose of social return is to offer opportunities to people who need just a little more help in finding a job. With Rikx, (part of) the SR agreement can be filled. Ask your WSP Rijnmond account manager, who will guide you in completing your SR declaration.

Via Rikx's online platform, you get the opportunity to invest in the most impactful entrepreneurs of the moment. After actually paying the investment, the certificate follows from Rikx. This certificate can be uploaded in WIZZR, the social return registration system of WSP Rijnmond, and thus serves as a completion of the SR statement.

There are specific rules regarding the maximum investment amount in Rikx:
If you have a social return specification up to €10,000, 100% of that amount can be invested in Rikx.
If you have a social return assignment above €40,000, a maximum of 25% of the total social return assignment can be invested in Rikx.

Do you have questions about your social return statement or questions regarding these conditions? Then contact your account manager at WSP Rijnmond.

I don't have a social return assignment, can I still do something with Rikx?

Of course. We hear that more and more companies are keen to give something back on a social level for the city where they earn their money. To this end, Rikx offers a safe investment in projects that make a local impact on a human level. By measuring in advance, matching to projects according to your preferences and monitoring the projects, you can be sure that your investment will be well spent. If you are interested in becoming a Rikx partner, please contact us and ask about our partner program at