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More impact together with Rikx

Rikx supports impact makers who work towards a strong, social city where everyone can participate. After all, this is not something everyone can take for granted. There are currently one and a half million people in the Netherlands who are hampered by unemployment, poverty, or loneliness.

After a successful start and winning the Bloomberg Philanthropies Award, we are working hard to build further and make much more impact. On our online platform, investments can be made in the most impactful entrepreneurs of today. In fact, Rikx has developed a methodology that measures the impact of these companies. This way, as an impact investor, you know that your contribution will end up well!

In Rotterdam, Rikx has already strengthened several beautiful projects of impact makers. Over €500,000 has already been invested in more than 40 impact projects. Among other things, this has led to new outflow to work, diplomas, internships and a whole lot of skill development. Other municipalities also see the power of Rikx and cannot wait to start working together. By extending the collaborations to the rest of the country, we can make even more impact together, because everyone, no matter where in the Netherlands, deserves to participate in our society. Is your municipality already participating?

Would you like to know more about Rikx, the impact makers or how exactly it works? Then get in touch with us.