About us

Rikx is an innovative method that makes the impact that social entrepreneurs have transparent and converts it into a value (money). This creates room for them to innovate, develop or grow. Linking this to the SROI obligation of companies creates a win-win situation.

Companies with a CSR policy or SROI obligation can make a meaningful investment via Rikx in one of the projects of the participating social entrepreneurs, who are then guaranteed to make an impact with this investment in the places where it is most needed.

Why Rikx?

Unemployment, security and social engagement; our society faces persistent challenges. More than ever, these classic government themes require a concerted effort. Fortunately, our cities are bursting with enterprising people who have inspiring ideas for tackling social problems.

However, it is not easy. Social entrepreneurs often struggle to run a viable, or even profitable business and generally rely on public funding, or donations to get their initiative started. Even if everyone agrees that an initiative is desirable, funding is not a given. It must be possible to do this differently. What if we could use more private resources to get this type of social initiative off the ground, by introducing an economic system around social impact? Rikx is the answer.

Social entrepreneurship as the key

Rikx is a system innovation, based on economic theory and the principles of supply and demand in market systems. This means that if it works in Rotterdam, it can work anywhere. Discussions about rolling it out to other municipalities are already underway. In this way Rikx can serve as a supplement to the subsidy schemes and Social Return instruments that are currently used. In this way we are creating a society in which social entrepreneurship is the key to making the world a little better..

The Team

Rikx is an initiative of Rebel, who developed the pilot in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, the WerkgeversServicepunt Rijnmond and Voor Goed Rotterdam Impact Agency. Rikx is now housed in a foundation and owned by a passionate team with various expertise who believe in a strong city where there is room for everyone and where everyone can participate in their own way. Together we build a strong city where everyone gets opportunities and can contribute. Do you want to join us? Get in touch with us!


Rikx is active in different sectors. For clarification we have used icons to indicate which project is active in which sector.


Health care





Type of impact

Rikx creates different types of impact. Find the icons indicated with the different projects.

Job guaranteed

Assistance finding a job

Develop skills

Remove obstructions

Stimulate motivation

Engage social network