About us

Rikx makes impact makers' impact measurable and insightful. And ensures that investors can contribute to increasing the impact they make. In this way, we go for a strong, social city in which everyone can participate. After all, this is not something everyone can take for granted. There are currently one and a half million people in the Netherlands who are hindered by unemployment, poverty or loneliness.

Why Rikx?

Fortunately, there are also many committed entrepreneurs who work hard to give these people a dignified place in society. Who see talent and help it grow. Who remove barriers and make room for the next step. Who are committed to a city where everyone is part of. To really make a difference, these entrepreneurs need to be able to grow. And that requires funding.

Rikx helps these impact makers grow by connecting them to committed companies. On our online platform, investments can be made in today's most impactful entrepreneurs. In fact, Rikx has developed a methodology that measures the impact of these companies. This way, as an impact investor, you know that your contribution will end up well!

So how does Rikx work?

Impact makers apply to the Rikx platform and, when a new round opens, submit a project plan. An expert team evaluates the plan and uses it to determine which projects are and are not part of the new round. Companies (impact investors) can invest on the platform in the project that most appeals to them. The project starts when a minimum amount is raised, which we call the threshold. Read more about this in one of the other FAQ questions. Finally, impact makers can use Rikx to fulfil their social return task with the municipality.

From Rotterdam to far beyond

In Rotterdam, Rikx has already strengthened several great projects by impact makers. Over €500,000 has already been invested in more than 40 impact projects. Among other things, this has led to new outflow to work, diplomas, internships and a whole lot of skill development. Other municipalities also see the power of Rikx and cannot wait to start working together. By extending the collaborations to the rest of the country, we can make even more impact together, because everyone, no matter where in the Netherlands, deserves to participate in our society.

The team

Rikx originated as an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam, in collaboration with consultancy firm Rebel Group. Rikx is now housed in a foundation and owned by a passionate team with various experts who believe in a strong city where there is room for everyone and where everyone can participate in their own way.

Are you in?

Want to join us in making even more of an impact as an investor, impact maker or municipality or government? Then get in touch with us now!


Rikx is active in different sectors. For clarification we have used icons to indicate which project is active in which sector.


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Type of impact

Rikx creates different types of impact. Find the icons indicated with the different projects.

Job guaranteed

Assistance finding a job

Develop skills

Remove obstructions

Stimulate motivation

Engage social network