Big news! Rikx wins the Global Mayors Challenge and receives $1 million!

Rikx: the marketplace for social impact in your city

We measure the impact that social entrepreneurs make

Companies can invest in social entrepreneurs on the Rikx platform

Together we work on a more social city. Will you join us?

We are Rikx. With our system, we make sure you can make an impact too.

Rikx measures the impact that social entrepreneurs make with their projects and converts this into financial value. Companies with a CSR policy or SROI obligation can invest in these projects and are thus guaranteed to make an impact. Together we work on a strong city where everyone gets equitable opportunities. Will you join us?

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What the Rikx investors say:

We think it is important as an organization to be able to contribute something to those who try with heart and soul to give people that little support. Rikx is accessible and offers insight into the various social projects in Rotterdam in a simple manner.

Frank Alberts, MVGM Vastgoedtaxaties.